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Acrylic sheet poisonous?

Oct. 17, 2017

Acrylic sheet poisonous? In some forums, as well as life often asked this question,  acrylic as a new material for life in every corner, because he is the new  material so many people do not understand this material, many are now produced  acrylic from the finished products are used in life, such as food containers  loaded, glasses, etc., then there is a lot of people will be worried at the time  of purchase, the production of acrylic products will not poisonous to you? Also  encountered such a thing: one wants to fish, after a decision to use acrylic  aquarium understand, but asked a friend to say, acrylic toxic, do not use that  he raised fish is to use acrylic fish tank and then did not take long died. This  makes it a loss.

Acrylic difusser is a new Thermoplastic, its melting point of about 130-140 degrees,  the chemical formula is (C5O2H8) n, so in the case of combustion produces carbon  dioxide and water. So at room temperature acrylic is not a chemical reaction, of  course, will not produce a toxic gas. Also it will depend on what kind of used  acrylic material, is the quality of the new material is 100% recycled material.  Some factories in order to save costs, it will use 100% recycled materials,  materials processing gas when this did not necessarily produce a poisonous.

But there is a situation that is, when the temperature exceeds 130-140  degrees, under aerobic conditions will produce harmful gases, such as sometimes  acrylic on plant workshop will often produce an unpleasant odor, which is  acrylic incomplete combustion harmful gases under the circumstances, it is  working in personnel acrylic workshop to wear protective masks, and workshops to  maintain ventilation, so there will be no harm to.

In short, whether it is made of acrylic acrylic display stand, boxes, fish  tanks, etc., as long as at room temperature, melting temperature does not reach  acrylic are safe and will not produce any toxins, our customers can be assured  purchase.

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