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Four Considerations when maintenance acrylic products

Oct. 17, 2017

Acrylic sheet material is acrylic, this material is made of acrylic products with  strong hardness and transparency by major consumers. Using acrylic products, During want to acrylic products for proper maintenance, the maintenance  process needs to pay attention to what matters it? Here to explain.

First, acrylic products, with the following advantages:

A hardness: Hardness is the best embodiment of the parameters pouring acrylic  sheet production process and technology, quality control is an important part.  Hardness can reflect the purity of the raw material MMA, sheet Weather  resistance and high temperature performance. Hardness directly affect whether  bending sheet will shrink, the surface is cracked, etc. will appear during  processing. Hardness is judged quality acrylic sheet. The quality of hard  targets. Cast acrylic sheet imported materials have currently the highest  hardness equivalent product index. The average hardness value of about Darrow's  89 degrees.

Second, the thickness tolerance: plate thickness tolerance control is an  important manifestation of quality control and production technology. Imported  cast acrylic sheet supplier material thickness tolerance control within + 0.2mm.

Third, transparency / Whiteness: With strict selection of raw materials,  advanced formula follow-up and modernization of the production process  production, to ensure transparency and white sheet excellent degree. Fire  polished crystal Carved.

When we understand the properties of acrylic products, we should pay  attention to during maintenance following four points:

First, the temperature: When heated to over 100 degrees that will soften, you  should avoid using more than 100 degrees in place.

Second, crack damage: Acrylic surface hardness equivalent to aluminum, the  surface should take place attention to protection. If you encounter injury  cases, to abrasive polished yellow aluminum surface with easy recovery.

Third, Sassafras test: To maintain items crystal clear, when you want to wipe  the concentration of 1% of soapy water with a soft cloth to clean.

Fourth, the thermal expansion: large thermal expansion coefficient of  acrylic, the temperature change should be taken into consideration when  arranging the space left telescopic or fixed.

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