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Acrylic sheet Light boxes

Oct. 17, 2017

Acrylic sheet Light boxes production process:

(1) the production mould, common mould are wooden, template saws produced by  this company once completed, still can use portable reciprocating according to  production mold.

(2) to the mold processing, grinding, trimming, make the mould smooth level  off.

(3) the mold in blister platform positioning, Yin and Yang mold alignment  overlap fixed position.

(4) acrylic sheet heating, blister equipment host temperature limit system  commonly used in the 70 ℃ lower limit at 150 ℃.

(5) acrylic sheet warm after the temperature required for soft on (type I and  type Ⅱ) blister platform suction pressure molding.

(6) after forming acrylic panel of semi-finished products, by the edge  milling machine milling redundant edges.

(7) acrylic panels and acrylic word splice (note: only for acrylic word box  without the process).

Select the appropriate metal frame and the function of the electric lighting  equipment metal frame is mainly to integrate all the parts of the box together,  need size precision, good appearance, and have a sealing performance of  mechanical strength, internal electric lighting protection box part will not be  damaged.As to the use of concrete material, need according to the actual  situation to determine, to use the aluminum, steel, etc.

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