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Acrylic sheet Greenhouse

Oct. 17, 2017

 Acrylic sheet built greenhouses, vegetables, flowers conservatory restaurant,  Ecological Park Greenhouse, sightseeing greenhouse uncommon, respected by the  acrylic plate has a kind of charm, let's put aside the PC acrylic plate inherent  good physical properties.

Learn from the anti-mist properties up material  qualities of acrylic plate. General greenhouse material in the indoor and  outdoor temperature difference will lead to a certain water vapor on the inside  of the greenhouse surface, forming small droplets, which not only reduces the  transmittance of the sun and also harm plants drip, In the acrylic prismatic sheet surface  coated with special materials (anti-droplet layer), under the same conditions  can make the moisture in the air condenses on the plate surface uniformly and  down design nice beveled edge slide to avoid dripping harm plants, in order to  achieve the effect of anti-droplet.

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