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What is the best acrylic sheet for you?

Nov. 26, 2021

Many people use acrylic panels for decorative purposes around the home, as well as for commercial use in offices, stores or warehouses.


Have an idea for your premises, but not sure which material is best to use? This guide explains some of the common domestic and commercial uses of our acrylic panels, and which panels are best suited for their purpose.

Good mechanical & thermal & Chemical processability


Personal Protective Equipment

Personal protective equipment (PPE) is used in hospitals and many other workplaces to protect employees from viruses and infections. PPE can be anything from sneeze guards (used to separate store clerks from customers and keep workers at a distance) to even plastic masks used as face shields in bars and public places.


Masks are typically worn in the medical industry, but have recently been used throughout hospitals to protect nurses, doctors and health workers from coronavirus. Clear plastic is the best type of acrylic for PPE because it is abrasion resistant and transparent.


Splash guards for kitchens and bathrooms

Kitchen splashbacks can add character and flair to your kitchen, while making it easier to keep it clean. Splashbacks can be the focal point of your kitchen and offer you a wide range of different styles to choose from.


As with kitchens, splashbacks can also be used in bathrooms to give your bathroom a fresh décor, make it easy to clean, provide splash protection for walls and most importantly, bathroom splashbacks are extremely durable and impact resistant.


Colored acrylic and aluminum composites are the best types of products for kitchens. However, we recommend using aluminum composites near heat sources. Colored acrylic is also perfect for bathroom splashbacks. Both materials can be purchased in many different colors to fit your kitchen or bathroom color scheme.

Light, safe in use


Replacement shed windows

Acrylic panelsare great for replacement shed windows because they are UV resistant and therefore do not discolor in the sun. They are also easy to clean, stronger than glass and half the weight, making them more durable year-round. Acrylic is a cost effective way to replace shed windows and is a better option than using glass.


Clear acrylic is best for replacement shed windows, but if you want something a little different, you can choose tinted acrylic. For example, if you store valuables, or if your shed is easily accessible to intruders, then we highly recommend using colored acrylic to hide the contents of your shed and keep your valuables safe, depending on the items stored in the shed.



Acrylic is a relatively light material that is often used to create custom trophies and awards. As a versatile material, acrylic is often used to create plastic awards that are 93% transparent and less than half the weight of glass. Stunning and intricate designs can be created for a fraction of the cost of glass models. 


Whatever the purpose of your project, you can order acrylic plastic sheets cut to the perfect matching size. With our price match guarantee, you can rest assured that you'll find acrylic plastic sheet at the best price.

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