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6 ways to use acrylic sheets in your home

Nov. 19, 2021

Acrylic sheets are visually similar to glass, but acrylic is half the weight and 17 times more durable. Clear acrylic is arguably the most popular type of acrylic plastic, and this thermoplastic polymer comes in a wide range of colors, shades and tones that are perfect for decorative applications.

Because of these characteristics, acrylic is considered the ideal material for homeowners determined to do-it-yourselfers. Over the years, acrylic plastic sheets have had many creative and effective uses.

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1. Acrylic cabinet doors and windows

Certain conditions can cause glass cabinet doors to break - or, you may have noticed that the glass on cabinet doors is becoming old and fragile. For this reason, acrylic is becoming increasingly popular as a replacement for glass cabinet windows. Homeowners don't have to worry about accidentally closing the cabinet door too tightly and breaking the glass, and property managers can prevent repetitive repairs caused by noisy tenants.


Often, the most difficult part of this installation is removing the glass from the cabinet doors. Acrylic is easy to cut to exact dimensions, and its lightweight nature makes it easy to adhere to cabinets.


2. Acrylic kitchen backsplash

If you're tired of scrubbing cement grout from your kitchen backsplash, or if your kitchen tile feels outdated, consider building an acrylic backsplash. It's available in a variety of colors and shades, allowing DIY enthusiasts to create a shiny, stylish backsplash in any shade. Latex paint can then be used to create a glossy, sophisticated look or creative design. However, creating a backsplash for a kitchen requires precision-cut acrylic sheets - so either research acrylic cutting methods or purchase acrylic sheets cut to size.


Unlike grouted tiles, acrylic is low-maintenance and can be cleaned with special cleaners or a mixture of detergent and water. In addition to this, its smooth surface prevents most materials from sticking to the backsplash. Be careful with harsh chemical cleaners or strong scrubbing materials - these can damage acrylic backsplashes.


3. Acrylic furniture and guards

As acrylic plastic becomes more readily available, it is used to create sleek, modern furniture. Clear acrylic panels can mimic glass table tops, which are both fragile and expensive compared to acrylic. Or, colored acrylic panels can be used to create artistic, bold furniture. Because acrylic is so light, it can be easily moved around your home and is inexpensive to bring to a new home.


Likewise, DIYers can use clear acrylic sheets as a protective layer for existing table tops. This is especially common among people with expensive or unfinished wood furniture who want to protect it from damage caused by pets, stains, the elements or general wear and tear. In addition to protecting the integrity of the furniture, it creates a beautiful sheen on the tabletop.


4. Acrylic Window Glass

If you own property near a golf course, baseball field or similar area, you may be constantly concerned about fired projectiles flying through your windows. Unfortunately, depending on the age of your home relative to the sports area, you may be responsible for every ball that breaks into your home.


Homeowners should use clear acrylic panels for window glass. Acrylic panels have a transparency similar to window-grade glass, allowing them to blend seamlessly with other glass panels. In addition, acrylic is more durable and cost effective than similar sized glass panels.


5. Acrylic shelves

Glass shelves embody the beauty of modern simplicity. Unfortunately, glass shelves are particularly heavy. This often makes installation more difficult than expected. Worse, if the installation is not done properly, the entire shelf can collapse and both the glass shelf and the potential items on it can break.


This tragic event can be avoided by using clear acrylic panels. Since acrylic is visually identical to glass, it will maintain the same aesthetic appearance while being more durable and lightweight. Simply purchase clear acrylic panels and use standard shelf brackets to secure them to the wall.


6. Acrylic greenhouse and cold frame

While many gardeners understand the benefits of greenhouses for year-round planting, growing and protecting crops, many home gardeners don't believe they have the space or resources to build their own greenhouse. Thankfully, this is a misconception - it is possible to build a basic backyard greenhouse in a short amount of time, especially if the gardener is handy.


On the simple side, gardeners might consider making a small, knee-high cold frame made of clear acrylic panels and plywood. This "greenhouse" would be open at the top, allowing gardeners to protect their important plants in a medium-sized enclosure. Or, a crafty, passionate gardener could build a walk-in size greenhouse out of similar materials.


Acrylic panels can be used for a variety of purposes, from kitchen backsplashes to backyard greenhouses. Such a wide range of use cases can largely be attributed to acrylic's versatility, affordability and ease of use. Of course, this list of uses for acrylic in the home is not exhaustive - every day, creative artisans are finding new ways to improve their homes and use acrylic to make their lives easier.


Looking to purchase acrylic panels for your next home project? Take a look at our acrylic panels or contact us today.


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