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What Can Make LED Light More Bright?

May. 23, 2018

LED has the advantages of high luminous efficiency and low power consumption, making it the first choice for future lighting. However, since it is a point light source itself, there are problems such as dazzling, limited illumination area, and special design or materials are required to turn it into a surface light source. LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet includes PMMA Diffuser Sheet PC diffusion plate.

The PC diffusion plate material is polycarbonate, high transparency, can withstand high temperatures below 100 degrees, with excellent light diffusion and transmittance, good UV stability and other characteristics, has been widely used in the LED industry.

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

Traditional solutions include three kinds:

1. To add toner, such as barium sulfate, on the basis of the original lampshade. Adding these particles can make light refraction multiple times to achieve the effect of light diffusion. The light diffusion effect of this method is not obvious, and the light transmittance is seriously affected;

2, Increase the effect of sanding, but will seriously reduce the light transmittance of the lampshade;

3, Increase the prism, but the light diffusion effect is limited, you can still see the glare of the LED lamp beads, and reduce the light transmittance.

In the light diffusion PC, a light diffusion agent is added to the PC resin. The light diffusion agent is spherical and uniformly dispersed in the PC resin to form a sea-island structure. Since the refractive index of the PC resin and the light diffusing agent are different, the light is similar to the surface of the light diffusing agent. Specular reflection, after multiple reflections, to achieve light diffusion effect. Much more than the above three methods.

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