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What Are the Backlight Types of the Light Guide Plate?

Jul. 29, 2022

What Are the Backlight Types of the Light Guide Plate?

According to the type of light source, there are mainly three types of backlight: EL, CCFL and LED, which can be divided into side light type and straight down type (bottom backlight type) according to the position of the light source.

Side light type.

This is a type of backlight in which a linear or point light source is placed on the side of a specially designed light guide.

According to the actual use, it can be made into double-sided or even three-sided.

The backlight of the light guide plate can be any color, and the monochromatic liquid crystal usually has yellow, green, blue, white and other backlights.

Color displays use white light because they cover a wider range of colors.



LED backlight is used for small, inexpensive LCD panels.

Its light is usually colored, although white backlight is becoming more and more common.

Electro-optical panels are usually used for large displays that require uniform backlight.

The electro-optic board needs to be driven by high-voltage AC provided by the inverter circuit.

For example, cold cathode tubes are used in computer displays, usually white, and require commutation converters and diffusers.

Incandescent backlight is used when high brightness is needed, but the disadvantage is that incandescent bulbs have a limited life and generate a lot of heat.

The LED backlight enhances the color performance of the LCD display, and the LED light is generated by three separate LED, providing a color spectrum that matches the LCD point filter itself.


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