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UGR <19 Diffuser Plate

Jul. 25, 2022

What does UGR in the UGR19 light diffuser mean?

The UGR19 light diffusing plate is mainly used for diffusing plates on some lamps. The comfort of the human eye to the light is a reference value, so the UGR of the light diffusing plate used by the lamp has a reference value for comfort. Will require UGR less than 19.

UGR <19 Diffuser Plate


First of all, what is the meaning of UGR? UGR is a psychological parameter used to measure the subjective reaction of the light emitted by the lighting device in the indoor visual environment to the human eye. UGR19 is the psychological output of the lighting device in the indoor visual environment that causes uncomfortable subjective response to the human eye. The psychological output is less than 19, which is based on a standard of a summary device. The UGR19 light diffusing plate requires the glare value of the light diffusing plate ( UGR) <19.


It is better to use the UGR19 light diffusing plate now, so that the comfort of the human eye is better, and the light produced by the lamp is more comfortable.


UGR (Unified Glare Rating) is an objective measure of glare that is used by lighting designers to help control the risk that occupants of a building will experience glare from the lighting.

UGR values range from 40 (extremely high glare) to 5 (very low glare). In most situations, the less glare the better, so a low UGR is better than a high UGR.


What UGR levels is recommended?

International standards such as EN12464 recommend maximum UGRs for different situations. UGR<19 is recommended for many office and classroom settings.


How to reduce UGR? 

Kunxin provides UGR diffuser plate with micro-prism design that help to control the glare and allow to reduce UGR below 19 for indoor working areas to meet European Standard (EN 12464).

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