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Do you know the Thermal Stability of Polycarbonate Sheets?

Sep. 09, 2020

As a Led Diffuser Plate Supplier, share with you.

Thermal stability

Lighting applications generate heat, and the proximity of the material to the light source determines the required thermal performance. Although LED lights are very energy-efficient, they still generate heat, especially for high-power LED light sources that can operate at 80 – 110°C. For optical and lens applications that require close contact with LED light sources, a material with excellent thermal stability is required.

Compared with acrylic resins, polycarbonate resins have excellent thermal stability and can be used for continuous use temperatures up to 120°C.

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

Flame resistance

The requirements for flame resistance or flame retardancy depend on the operating temperature of the equipment and the distance between the diffusion medium (or covering layer) and the light source. Polycarbonate resin provides excellent flame resistance for high-power LED light sources. For lower voltage applications, such as Class 2 lamps that require UL 94 HB and V-2 flammability requirements, polycarbonate, acrylic resin and styrene-based resins (such as styrene-acrylonitrile resin (SAN)) can be used Think of it as a material for lenses, covers and optical devices. . For more demanding LED lighting applications (such as Class 1 lamps), the material requirements for optics and lenses are UL V-0@1.5 – 2.0mm thickness.

Polycarbonate is one of the only transparent plastic resins that provides the light transmission, thermal stability and flame resistance required for these demanding applications at a reasonable cost.

Design flexibility

One of the advantages of LED lighting is that it provides manufacturers with the freedom to be creative in product design. Unlike traditional incandescent lighting, the lighting industry is no longer restricted in terms of aesthetic configuration. By molding the resin/material through injection molding and sheet extrusion/thermoforming processes, the plastic material used to accommodate or cover the LED source can be made into countless shapes and sizes.

Polycarbonate provides this processability option and offers a variety of products that meet specific processing requirements. In addition, due to the relative strength of polycarbonate, the weight, energy and cost of parts can be reduced.

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