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The Methods of Cutting Acrylic Sheets.

Sep. 30, 2021

Acrylic can be cut, drilled, machined, softened and bent into any shape. If you want to handle acrylic yourself, you will want to determine the length of the acrylic and the Hardness Of The Acrylic, as this will determine which method will work best.

The working temperature of the acrylic is important. Acrylic sheets can be used in a range of temperatures from -30ºF (-24ºC) to +200ºF (93ºC). However, it is recommended that the temperature not exceed 160ºF (71ºC) for continuous use and 190ºF (88ºC) for short term intermittent use. If you are cutting acrylic sheets thicker than 6 mm, or drilling acrylic sheets thicker than 4 mm, use water as a coolant.

Hardness Of The Acrylic

Hardness Of The Acrylic

Cutting with a hand saw.

Most people prefer to use a hand saw to cut acrylic. However, this technique requires more attention compared to a chainsaw. For best results, it is recommended to use a saw with even teeth.Lay your acrylic sheet on a flat work surface, and mark the line to be cut. Then arrange the straight edge so it's just slightly on the line and clamp it to the work surface.Check to see where the blade of your scoring tool will land when you run it against the side of the straight edge. The edge of the blade should hit the line exactly.The cut line may be sharp and uneven after snapping the acrylic sheet. Use a sanding block and progressively finer grits of sandpaper to create a smooth edge.

Cutting with a scribing knife.

This is one of the easiest ways to cut acrylic table tops. This process does not require the use of a chainsaw or any other heavy electrical equipment.

Cutting with a jigsaw.

A jigsaw is a preferred tool for cutting acrylic sheets. It is a small, hand-held tool that cuts the sheet with a straight blade by means of a quick up and down motion feature. However, if you intend to cut acrylic in a non-linear manner, a jigsaw is the right choice for you. It helps to achieve precise results by cutting the edges into curves and angles. However, it is best to experiment with the machine settings and positioning to gauge the desired results.

China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Cutting with a band saw.

A band saw is best suited for cutting complex shapes and curves. When using a band saw, it is important to carefully select the machine's blade and feed rate to minimize the risk of melting or chipping the sheet. The band saw works best at thicknesses greater than 0.472 inches. It helps achieve clean, crisp edges by retaining the sharpness of the material.

Cut with a laser.

Laser systems are designed to achieve complex and defined cuts in acrylic. Laser cutting is one of the preferred options for cutting the desired design. Connected to a computer, the laser cutter acts like a printer and translates the design/image onto the acrylic sheet. If you need to create complex, intricate and creative shapes with acrylic, the laser may be the better choice. If you want more information and help, Kunxin New Material Technology Co., Ltd as a China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer is your best choose. Contact us today to learn more options, and start experiencing their unique benefits.

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