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Acrylic vs PVC laminate. Which is your better choice?

Sep. 23, 2021

As a China Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer, I will share with you.

Whether it's your modular kitchen cabinets or closets, a good finish can make all the difference in the look and feel of your home's interiors. While there are many finishes on the market, from films to polymers, a popular choice is to swing between acrylic and PVC laminate. If it's not clear which of these two materials is right for your needs, here's a comparison checklist we've prepared for you.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

What is an acrylic finish?

It is a type of lacquer-like finish that is non-toxic in nature and whose reflective high gloss provides a smooth look to kitchen cabinets. It comes in a variety of colors and different forms of panels.

What are PVC laminate finishes?

These are composite man-made materials used primarily in woodworking and modular kitchens. It is made of flat paper and plastic resin pressed in layers. The top layer is usually covered with a decorative pattern or color. The laminates used in kitchens are pressed in automated machines in factories.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of acrylic and PVC laminates?


While acrylic offers a high-end look, PVC laminates are a more economical option. They come in a variety of colors and textures, and have the added advantage of higher durability. However, if budget is not your concern, there is nothing more tasteful than acrylic.


PVC laminates are available in a variety of textures such as matte, textured, metallic, glossy and super glossy. They are versatile in terms of color and pattern. Acrylics also come in a wide variety of colors and can maintain their glossy finish for years. However, make sure you know where to find a suitable alternative, as you may not always find the same shade on the market.

Acrylic Sheets

Acrylic Sheets

Maintenance and Durability

Acrylic finishes are scratch resistant and will not delaminate over the years, maintaining a seamless and glossy appearance over time. One of the disadvantages of this finish is that, due to its glossy nature, handprints are easily visible on it and require regular cleaning. Laminates, on the other hand, are more durable and stain resistant. They also have certain properties such as heat, UV and moisture resistance, and can be treated with antibacterial treatments.

Acrylic vs. PVC laminate. Advantages of both

A popular design strategy is to use a combination of acrylic and PVC laminate in the interior of a kitchen. PVC laminate is more suitable for the lower half of a modular kitchen because it can be handled frequently, while acrylic is ideal for upper cabinets. This enhances the look of the kitchen while greatly reducing your costs. pvc is also widely used for office cabinets.

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