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Textured Acrylic Plate Makes Our Life Beautiful

Mar. 07, 2018

Textured acrylic plate makes our life beautiful. Pearl Shaped Patterned Acrylic Sheet, Craked Ice Patterned Acrylic Sheet are two of most popular patterned acrylic sheet. Light weight, long life service material, beautiful textures, various shapes are the main characters. And, the acrylic sheet could turned to be colorful with different colors light.

Textured acrylic plate

Craked Ice Patterned Acrylic Sheet pattern is a imaginative use of plastic panels providing a sparkling crystal overhead affect. Pearl Shaped Patterned Acrylic Sheet has a raised prismatic pattern of male cones. Standard size: 1200*1200*2mm. The other size and thickness can be made to order. Any customized textured acrylic plate could contact us.

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