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Different Optical Plastic Sheets

Mar. 09, 2018

We are optical plastic sheets manufacturer. In this article, we will introduce diffferent optical plastic sheets for you.

UGR Diffuser: Assist to improve the light efficiency and reasonable glare suppression. Excellent for LED Panel Light which require UGR<19.

Thermofroming Acrylic: light weight, weather resistance(at least 5 years), good light efficiency, light transmittance can be 85% after forming to lampshade, and light is uniform and soft.

Acrylic Textured Sheet, or patterned diffuser provide industry-leading performance in terms of angle control, efficiency, source hiding, and aesthetics, is an idea choice for LED and fluorescent luminaires.

Acrylic Diffuser: a unique combination of high light diffusion and high light transmission through a combination of optimized surface texture and advanced diffuser technologies.

Optical Plastic Sheets

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