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Technological Innovation Of LED Panel Lights

Jul. 06, 2018

Patterned Acrylic Sheet LED light is a good choice to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp grid lamp. It is not affected by the length of the traditional fluorescent lamp. It can not only adopt the direct structure and the side light guide structure, but also can be integrated into the building according to the Lighting Diffuser Supplier design. And furniture display.

LED panel light is a high-grade indoor lighting fixture. The light source is super bright LED. The light is soft and glare-free. The whole lighting design is beautiful and simple, and the atmosphere is luxurious. It has good lighting effect and brings beautiful feeling. The LED panel light is unique in design, and the light passes through the high uniformity light guide plate and the high transmittance diffuser to form a uniform planar light-emitting effect. The illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft, comfortable and bright, and the eye can be effectively relieved. fatigue. LED panel lights can also prevent radiation and will not irritate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly and children.

The panel light adopts a light-emitting reflective panel and a sealed design, together with a high-efficiency light guide plate. Made of diffuser plate and aluminum alloy material. The illuminating effect is uniform and the illuminance is higher. The shape is light and thin, the heat dissipation function is complete, the power is low, and the heat is small. The power supply is the most important factor affecting the price of the LED panel light. The power supply is not good and directly affects the life of the LED panel light. The theoretical life span is up to 100,000 hours. For example, the theoretical life expectancy is over 27 years. The quality of the light guide plate and the diffusion plate is one of the most important factors determining the quality of the LED panel light. The use of high-quality light guide plate can make the LED panel light shine more evenly without dark spots and water ripples. LED is a kind of point-like illuminator. The designer can design various light sources with different shapes and different granules according to the flexible combination of points, lines and surfaces. The design is very flexible.

Patterned Acrylic Sheet

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