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LED Diffuser Type And Development Stage

Jul. 11, 2018

LED Diffuser Acrylic Sheet type

According to the LED diffuser substrate material classification, the LED diffuser includes the following categories:

PMMA Diffuser Sheet: based on PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate, alias acrylic, plexiglass);

PS diffuser: PS (polystyrene) as the substrate;

PC diffuser: based on (polycarbonate);

PP diffuser: based on (polypropylene)

LED diffusion board development stage

1. Adding particles with diffusion effect to improve the shielding of the light source and obtain cost performance;

2. Improve the diffusion effect, improve the appearance performance, and improve the light transmittance;

3. Optimize optical performance, improve UV resistance, improve impact resistance, improve light efficiency, and meet light distribution requirements;

4, under the premise of high temperature resistance and high light transmittance, improve the haze value of the product, suitable for close-range irradiation environment

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

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