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Prismatic Diffuser Panels

May. 02, 2018

Prismatic diffuser panels are produced from high excellent polycarbonate resin combined with a UV stabiliser that's added to boost the life span of this sheet under fluorescent light requirements. The prismatic diffuser panels are extruded with the P12 design angled female prism matrix around the base surface. The surface is smooth which makes it more suited to vacuum forming, molding and molding; they can also be cut using a circular saw. All these diffuser panels are widely utilized in light applications or as a top excellent flame retardant diffuser.

Acrylic Prismatic Panel

Key Characteristics of acrylic prismatic panel: Outstanding UV resistance, lightweight and impact resistant. Has exceptional light diffusion properties.

Software: Ideally suited to the next programs that involve TP(a) rated panels: Places with a greater ambient heating, restaurants, hospitals, schools, athletic facilities, retail outlets, clean rooms, public buildings, and office lighting, public locations, refurbishment jobs, down light.

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