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Features of PMMA Diffuser Plate

Apr. 27, 2018

As a uniform light, diffuser has acts of protecting light origin, LGP sockets and flaws. Its most important substances include: PMMA, PS, PC, PP. In the followings, we'll reveal to you that their differences and characteristics. In this news, we'll discuss the qualities of PMMA diffuser plate.

PMMA diffuser plate-commonly called acrylic diffusion plate

1. PMMA diffuser plate has excellent weather resistance. General indoor usage, 5 or 3 years won't change to yellow and fragile(from the ultraviolet aging accelerated evaluation(not readily yellowing phenomenon), in precisely the exact same time, it's a fantastic high-temperature performance.

2. PMMA diffusion Plate includes a fantastic printability and spraying. Employing spraying and printing technologies, you may provide acrylic products an perfect surface decoration impact.

3. Ignition immunity: not spontaneous combustion rather than self-evident .

4. High Definition Stability: water consumption warpage is modest, how big Excellent equilibrium;

5. Fantastic excellent assurance: Could pass UL-94 and RoHS disable toxin test.

Above is the features of PMMA diffuser plate. High quality PMMA diffuser plate will have better functions.

PMMA Diffuser

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