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Polycarbonate Profile Diffuser

Sep. 02, 2022

The major effect of profile diffuser

The major effect of profile diffuser is to block or alleviate the light dots and creating better light diffusion.

Polycarbonate Profile Diffuser


We are professional manufacturer of polycarbonate profiles diffuser

We specialized in the extrusion of Polycarbonate Profiles Diffuser in Clear, Opal and frosted surface. The profiles diffuser with a maximum width of 350mm for almost all indoor environmental, commercial, medical and hospitality applications. These include but are not limited to fixtures such as wraps, strips, recessed, suspended, wall-mounted, edge lighting, under cabinets, garage, etc.the Polycarbonate profiles with the properties、High Impact Resistant、Flame-Resistant & Self-Extinguishing、UL94 V0 and UL94 V2 Rated、Excellent Strength Retention at Elevated Temperatures、High Tensile and Flexural Strength、High Modulus of Elasticity and Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion....


Our benefits: 

(1). Clear and milky acrylic/PMMA and PC profile for led light diffuser cover. lens, lampshade etc.

(2). High clarity, high light transmission, weather resistant. ROHS compliant.

(3). Colour: clear, semi clear, opal colour and custom made colour available.

(4). Application: For led stair lighting, led cabinet lighting, led floor lighting, led decorative lighting et

(5). In-house tooling to custom made different lighting plastic profiles for you, OEM, ODM service is welcome.


LED Lighting, Home Appliance, Medical Electronics, Decoration and etc.


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