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Office Lighting Design - UGR < 19

Apr. 23, 2018

UGR < 19 is widely used at office lighting design. UGR 19 LED panel is made to be used in the office software, where crucial requirement of visual comfort is requested. The characteristic of UGR<19 can be accomplished by smaller beam angle of the LED panel lighting. SGSLight utilize the latest non UGR diffuser technology to achieve the 80 degree beam angle of the LED panel light, while the lumen efficacy of the LED panel lighting may still be kept up to 125 lm/W.

Diffuser Sheet for UGR <19 Solution

Enjoy the more comfortable and power saving LED panel lighting.

Eyes care LED lighting UGR < 19 LED panel light won't shine directly into eyes.

90 degree low beam angle.

High glare make human eyes feel uncomfortable.

120 degree wide beam angle.

Enhance the LED lumen utilization20% lux improved / 20% power stored

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