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Does The Led Light Need Diffuser Panels?

Apr. 21, 2018

Does the LED light need diffuser panels? Yes.Because the biggest characteristic of the diffuser is to interfere with the light, no matter how much the original light distribution curve is, as long as the light passes through the diffuser, it will change the beam angle to 160~176°.So from the side Look, there is a layer of mist on the surface of the lamp. From this point, it can be proved that the beam angle is as large as 160-176°. Normally, prismatic diffuser panels are ok. It is proved that the larger the beam angle is, the lower the illumination is, and some of the filters will produce some light. Wavelength can not penetrate, causing color cast, such as the surface of the re-light interference treatment (for example: sanding, mottled), the transmittance of light due to the natural phenomenon of geometric optics is lower, so used to make the substrate of the diffusion plate. The lower the refractive index should be, the better, the lower the interference with the light. Further information, pls contact to us, acrylic sheet manufacturer.

Prismatic Diffuser Panels

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