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How to Select Lampshade?

Jan. 23, 2018

Lampshade is not just a cover on the lamp in order to gather the light together, but also to prevent the electric shock, eye protection. Lighting diffuser is a good choice.

Shade selection

First of all, to find out about the decorative effect of the different materials of the lampshade, the lampshade gives a simple and elegant impression. The paper lampshade can create a faint and fantastic atmosphere. The metallic lampshade has a cool Temperament and modernity, while the drumshade is to bring people nostalgic feelings. In the bedroom we can choose silk shade, especially hand-sewn and hand-painted lampshades, can bring a sense of softness to the room to add intimacy; living room can choose linen or parchment lampshade.

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Lighting Diffuser

Second, the color as long as you pay attention to it, the white shade of the light penetration is better, and the crystal base with, to create crystal clear effect; black and color relatively speaking, the penetration of light is poor Some, the light can be emitted downward, so that the strong local light, and bronze base with.

After using the shade for a period of time, not only the dust cover, there are long-term exposure to light, causing the color off, we can use these small methods to do in the details of the lamp shade to extend the lamp life.

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