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How to Cut Acrylic Sheets with a Jigsaw?

Sep. 22, 2020

As a Acrylic Sheet Cutter Supplier, share with you how to cut plastic sheet.

You will require:

Jigsaw (great tooth blade needed).

Marker pen or grease pencil.


Strong flat surface/workbench.

Safety glasses.

Step 1: Draw your acrylic

Jigsaws are just one of the a lot more favoured devices for reducing acrylic sheets. This is because of the truth that they generate a fairly clean cut and also permit you to produce rounded lines and shapes. So, as always, begin with defining the area you wish to cut with a marker pen or grease pencil.

Step 2: Clamp your acrylic in position

Comparable to the approach used with a handsaw, the process starts with clamping your acrylic down and guaranteeing there is no activity or vibrations which could cause the acrylic breaking.

Step 3: Saw through the acrylic as well as sand down

Essential note: Jigsaws are extremely unsafe; please read as well as adhere to the manufacturer's health and wellness suggestions before using.

Using your jigsaw, cut along the line you made in step 1. Ensure you take a while to trying out various cutting rates, as this can have a massive influence on the top quality of the cut. If you cut as well gradually, the blade or acrylic can become also hot as well as thaw; if you cut as well fast, the desired pattern becomes more challenging to adhere to. Don't stress - you can reduce these struggles by utilizing non-flammable lubes to reduce the heat.

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How to hand saw acrylic sheets?

You will certainly require:

Hand saw with a fine-tooth blade (24/32 tooth blade more suitable).

Ruler/set-square or lengthy straight edge.

Marker pen or oil pencil.

Clamp (optional).

Solid level surface side.

Step 1: Draw your standard

First off, you require to create yourself a guide to adhere to when reducing. Just like racking up acrylic, mark the line you want to cut along with a marker pen or grease pencil.

Step 2: Secure your acrylic right into area

Put your acrylic on a strong surface, hanging the component which needs sawing over the edge. To prevent the acrylic from moving, secure it down to the strong surface area. Prevent creating lots of movements or vibrations throughout the reducing process, as this is likely to lead to acrylic cracking.

Step 3: Translucented the acrylic

Before you start: please note that you must not make use of a saw designed for reducing wood. The teeth on the blades of woodworking saws are usually much too large which can smash acrylic when cutting. Select a hacksaw with a fine tooth blade.

Begin sawing along your line, making sure that activity of the acrylic is kept to a minimum. Maintain checking that you are staying with the standard; it can come to be extremely easy to go off-track whilst sawing. When full, there is a very high possibility that there will be a rough side, so it deserves sanding as well as brightening the acrylic perspex to recover its openness as well as luster.

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