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Do You Know Diffuser Acrylic Sheet?

Jun. 26, 2018

Diffuser acrylic sheet is very useful. Diffusion films can be divided into two types according to the principle of optical design and manufacturing process, namely, coating particle type and micro lens array type. The coated particle-type diffusion film has the advantages of high light transmittance, large haze adjustment range, good appearance quality, large scale of production, high yield, and is therefore the main production process of the diffusion film. At present, most of the diffusion membranes used by major panel factories at home and abroad are coated particle types. In recent years, with the advent of new manufacturing methods for diffusion membranes and new combination products, the production of microlens array diffusion films has also been continuously enlarged and manufactured in Korea. The interlayer structure of the diffusion film is mainly composed of a base material, a diffusion film, and a release prevention layer.

Diffuser Acrylic Sheet

The diffusion coating of the coated particle diffusion film is that the particles are uniformly dispersed in the adhesive layer, and the adhesive layer adheres to the surface of the polyester film. The size-blended particles are the main media for light diffusion. The anti-adhesive edge layer is a small bump with a space below the substrate, so that the surface between the diffusion film and the backlight light guide plate becomes point contact, thereby preventing the diffusion film from sticking to the light guide plate to form a watermark and preventing the diffusion film. Scratches and other damage to the light guide plate.

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