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How to Distinguish Between Acrylic Boards and PS Boards?

Dec. 14, 2017

Acrylic sheet products can be seen in all aspects of our lives, such as advertising, construction, furniture, transportation, industry and more. But many people find it hard to distinguish between acrylic boards and PS boards. Then how can we differentiate them?

Acrylic Boards

Look, acrylic board and PS board in gloss is different. For example, the same transparent board, acrylic board is better, the finished product is also more bright color. The PS board transparency will be a reflective pitting, more brittle and easy to break.

Touch, especially the level of acrylic casting its surface more smooth and feel better. In addition to the general cast plate are relatively thick. PS sheet is generally thinner than the acrylic board.

Burning, acrylic plate either casting or extrusion in the combustion time will not smoke black. Light blue flame casting plate will emit creaking sound (atomic structure), after the extrusion of acrylic can be burned pull out the wire. The PS board burning will produce a lot of dark smoke.

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