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What about Light Diffusing Materials in LED Lamps?

Apr. 01, 2020

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Performance requirements:

The requirements for common LED light diffusion materials are as follows:

High light transmission, high diffusion, no glare, no light and shadow

Light source is better hidden

Good flow processability, dimensional stability, weather resistance, heat resistance

High flame retardant and high impact resistance

Transmittance exceeds 80%

Light Diffusion LED Light

Characteristics of light diffusing materials

The advantage of light diffusing material is that under the premise of ensuring high light transmittance, the light diffusivity and haze of the product are increased. Through the effect of the diffuser plate, the entire plate surface forms a uniform light emitting surface without forming dark areas. Light diffusion plates are currently divided into PC Diffuser Sheet, PMMA light diffusion plate and PS light diffusion plate. However, PMMA is not scratch-resistant and PS has poor heat resistance and flame retardancy. At present, PC materials are used more in LED lampshades.

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

Effect of the particle size of tritium diffusion particles

The smaller the particle size, the larger the number of particles in the case of the same mass, the more times the light is deflected when passing through it, the greater the diffusivity generated and the higher the haze. However, if the particle size is too small, it is difficult to control the particle size distribution, which in turn leads to a decrease in transmittance with the same haze. With proper particle size and particle size distribution, the transmittance and haze can reach higher values at the same time. The particle size is generally around 1-5 microns. At the same time, the better the regularity and smoothness of the particles, the better the haze and light transmittance.

Influence of the refractive index of diffusion particles

The refractive index of the substrate and the diffusing agent should not be too large or too small. When the relative refractive index of the diffusing agent is between 0.91-0.97 and 1.03-1.09, the diffusivity and transmittance are better. The relative refractive index is too small, there is not much difference in refractive index between the two, and the scattering is not obvious. Too large a difference in relative refractive index will cause total reflection to occur, reflecting light back into the interior and failing to derive it effectively.

Effect of radon diffusion particle concentration

As the number of light-diffusing particles increases, the number of times that light is scattered in the diffuser plate increases, the back-scattering increases, the free path of the photon becomes smaller, and the haze increases, but the transmittance decreases. Under the condition of ensuring high transmittance and haze, the light diffusion material concentration is reasonably selected, and the general addition amount is within 2%.

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