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What is the difference between LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet and acrylic board?

Jan. 03, 2020

Diffusion plates are widely used in liquid crystal displays, LED lighting, and imaging display systems. Their main function is to diffuse the incident light sufficiently to achieve a softer and more uniform irradiation effect. The theoretical basis of LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet is that when light is emitted from one medium to the smooth interface of another medium, part of the light is reflected by the interface, and part of the light is refracted in the other medium through the interface. The laws of refraction and reflection are the basis of geometric optics. They not only lay the foundation for theoretical research, but also for the development of optical technology and the design of optical products. The biggest feature of the so-called diffuser plate is that it has a great interference with light. Regardless of the original design's light distribution curve, as long as the light passes through the diffuser, it will change the beam angle to 160-176 degrees. Therefore, from the side, there is a layer of fog on the surface of the lamp. From this it can be proved that the beam angle is the best proof of 160-176 degrees. The larger the beam angle, the lower the illuminance, and some of them will generate filters, which will prevent some wavelengths from penetrating and cause color deviation. For example, when the surface is subjected to a re-light interference treatment (such as sanding and embossing), the transmission is even lower due to the natural phenomenon of geometric optics. Therefore, the lower the refractive index, the better the substrate used to manufacture the diffusion plate. Interference with light is reduced.

Acrylic board is a full-radiation board, the light enters from one end, basically all comes out from the other end. Therefore, the light source is on the side of the light guide plate. The LGP used in the LCD needs to destroy the total radiation by printing dots, etc., so that the light from the side light source can overflow on the surface of the LGP. Of course, the destruction surface needs reflection paper for reflection. Therefore, the light source in the LCD is on the side of the LGP, and the main light emitting surface is on the LGP.

So, how should we distinguish between LED diffuser and acrylic board? The following is a brief talk by the Patterned Acrylic Plate Factory to provide a simple reference for everyone.

From the material point of view: the base material of the LED diffuser plate is PC, and the base material of the acrylic plate is PMMA.

Functionally speaking:

The main role of LED diffuser is:

1. Disperse the luminous flux and let the light be evenly distributed.

2. Support the backlight structure and protect the underlying optical materials from damage.

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

The main role of PMMA Diffuser Sheet:

1. The luminous flux that guides the LED point light source is evenly distributed in the entire surface, and its key role is to guide and distribute the light.

2. Use the reflection mechanism to use the light flux more efficiently and control the light distribution.

You can use moderate temperature water and low-corrosive detergent to clean the board. Use a soft cloth to gently wipe the board. Do not use rough, hard or sharp tools to wipe the board. Finally, the user must dry the board. Do not leave the sheet wet. 

When transporting the sheet, the sheet should be placed flat on the truck.User to take relevant measures to reduce the vibration of the sheet and prevent the sheet from being damaged during transportation, which will cause the user's economic loss.

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