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Do you know the chemical properties of PC Diffuser Sheet?

Dec. 11, 2019

PC is an amorphous thermoplastic engineering plastic. It has extremely comprehensive properties such as excellent toughness, transparency and high heat distortion temperature. In most applications, at least two of these properties are generally required. Other outstanding properties of polycarbonate include dimensional stability, excellent electrical properties, and unique flame resistance.

The main application areas are the automotive, business machine and instrumentation industries. The annual growth rate of polycarbonate is about 6%.

As a China Patterned Acrylic Panels Supplier, share its chemistry and performance with you.

PC Diffuser Sheet

PC Diffuser Sheet

The most successful industrially produced polycarbonates are reacted by bisphenol A and phosgene interfacial polycondensation processes.

This reaction is carried out under basic conditions in the presence of an aqueous phase and an organic phase. The molecular weight is controlled by using a phenolic chain terminator. The process for producing bisphenol A polycarbonate is complicated by interfacial reactions and product recovery.

Toughness is the most outstanding property of polycarbonate. Indeed, for applications like school windows, riot gear and sports equipment, polycarbonate has almost no rivals in toughness.

PCs are also notch sensitive, so it is important to properly design parts with the proper radius. Notch sensitivity can be improved in impact modified products and blends.

Polycarbonate products have a wide range of colors, including standard colors, specified colors, specified opaque, standard white, gray and black grades.

Product features of PC light diffusion plate:

PC light diffusion plate is a kind of light diffusion plate. Each different light diffusion plate has its own advantages. Do you know what the characteristics of PC light diffusion plate are? Let us tell you below.

The advantage of the light diffusion plate (DF plate) is that under the premise of ensuring high light transmittance, the light diffusivity and haze of the product are increased. Through the role of the diffusion plate, the entire plate surface forms a uniform light emitting surface without The formation of dark areas and residual images on the screen make the screen more realistic and achieve the visual effect of crystal clearness throughout the body. Light diffusion plates are currently divided into PC light diffusion plates, PMMA Diffuser Sheet and PS light diffusion plates.

The transmittance of PC Diffuser Sheet can reach more than 80%, while the transmittance of ordinary grade milky white PC board is only 20%. Therefore, it is widely used in the advertising light box industry. The ordinary milky white PC board can only be penetrated by light, but it can not play the role of uniform astigmatism, and the light diffusion PC board can fully diffuse the LED light source.

PC substrate has excellent impact resistance, which is 20-30 times that of acrylic sheet. It is not easy to be damaged during installation and transportation.

PC diffuser sheet flame retardant grade B2, higher safety performance.

The specific gravity of PC is 1.2, and its weight is only 1/2 of that of ordinary glass, so it can not only facilitate construction, but also reduce transportation costs.

The temperature resistance is -40-120 degrees Celsius, and will not be deformed by the long-term irradiation of the light source.

PC diffuser sheet has its own characteristics. Compared with other light diffusion plates, it has some advantages. Understanding the characteristics of different light diffusion plates can provide us with a reference when selecting, and choose better light diffusion board.

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