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Application Of Light Diffusing Plate In LED Lighting

May. 23, 2019

As one of the Thermoforming Plastic Sheet Suppliers, let's share with you the application of light diffusing panels in LED lighting. The light diffusing plate is one of the diffusing plates and is our main product. The main application of the light diffusing plate is in LED lighting and liquid crystal display, which is used to fully scatter the incident light to achieve a softer and evener illumination effect. However, LED lighting has certain requirements for the use of LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet. The main requirements are as follows.

LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet

LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet requirements:

1. Optimal diffusion performance: high light softness.

2. High light transmission performance: reduce energy consumption and improve the illumination of the lamps.

3. Influence on the light source: Maintain the consistency of the color temperature of the light source.

Therefore, if it is to be applied to the LED lighting source, the LED Lighting Diffuser Sheet should be purchased according to the above LED lighting.

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