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What Is Behind The UGR 19?

Dec. 22, 2018

What's the UGR worth? When is it used and required? The UGR value is a dimensionless parameter that offers information regarding the amount of psychological warmth of a light setup within an indoor area. UGR values are described in measures inside a scale of 10 to 30. In the last case these measures express the statistical understanding of freshness experienced by a high number of observers. So UGR<19, by way of instance, means that 65 percent of observers"didn't feel bothered" by the warmth. Oddly, of course, this means that the remaining 35 percent felt upset by the warmth. The reduced your UGR value, the direct warmth is experienced from the observers.

UGR<19 Supplier analysis The UGR worth can only be computed; it can't however be directly ascertained photometrically. Where you'll find light setups with luminaires where 65 percent of the light is emitted satisfactorily and where thin beam stains or asymmetrically radiating luminaires are installed, then, by definition, it isn't possible to signal a UGR worth. 


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