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UGR Value Of UGR Diffuser Sheet

Dec. 19, 2018

UGR is a numerical method to indicate the indoor unpleasant glare caused by illumination. The comfort of different UGR is different, and the application occasions are also different. Then UGR<19 Supplier will talk about several commonly used UGR values.

UGR13, just felt uncomfortable; the lighting effect is glare, the light curtain reflects less, making the ceiling darker, giving a gloomy effect; this is mainly used in computer rooms, monitoring rooms.

UGR Sheet 16-19, just accepted, in the boundary of comfort and discomfort; effective control of glare, light curtain reflection, is the first choice for comfortable office work; mainly used in ordinary, high-end office library reading room, hospital, school building and other occasions.

UGR22, just not comfortable; lighting space is full of energy, but glare, light curtain reflection is very interesting; generally in commercial building lighting, business halls use more.

The UGR value is divided into seven levels of 28, 25, 22, 19, 16, 13, 10, etc. The feeling of each file is different, so the choice is to select different UGR Diffuser Sheet according to the actual application. Choose UGR19 light diffuser for better comfort.

UGR Diffuser Sheet

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