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Some Tips of Using PAMM Diffuser sheet

Oct. 18, 2017

PAMM diffuser sheet has superior impact strength and toughness,in the using and processing pmma acrylic material, some tips here:

1, Acrylic sheet should be storaged in a clean, dry warehouse without chemical gas erosion, and avoid direct sunlight;

2, In the transportation and using process of materials, keep away from corrosive, acid, alkali so as not to corrode the plate;

3, Avoid sharp, hard materials and prevent scratching the sheet;

4, It will achieve satisfactory results to process acrylic sheet by laser engraving machine, circular saw, or ordinary hand saw;

5, Drilling: you can use the standard high-speed steel auger or wedge-shaped head with a corner drill sheets to process.

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acrylic diffuser sheet

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