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Smart LED Panel Light

Oct. 31, 2017

Currently, the mention of LED lighting, is bound to add "intelligence", "wisdom" and other words, range from a simple bulb lights, panel lights, cover the entire lighting system. Thus, the intelligent lighting will become the future development trend of LED lighting in the industry have reached a consensus.

"The existing LED panel lights, are still only basic lighting effect. Although some panel lights on the feature upgrade, wireless control module, APP terminal applications, although the tall but anachronistic, poor user experience .Based on the intelligence panel light demand, timely introduction of microscopic lighting intelligent sensor panel lights. "The panel lamp by the brightness of the surrounding environment automatic recognition, auto-sensing human motion to adjust its brightness, does not require complex terminal operation, easier to use." The official said, the panel lights can be used for office and home lighting, future market prospects are very uncertain.
And the LED panel lights, has become microscopic engineering LED lighting contend Golden Globe (Best Product Award) is a powerful weapon. At the same time, microscopic integrated lighting also bring another panel lights this year to participate in the Golden Globe Award."The panel lights require no external power supply, you can directly access AC use, with no installation costs and the cost of the power of packaging. Using the company's patented technology, the power supply is built into the inner profile, the panel lights thickness 11.5MM, with an external power supply panel lights to achieve the same thickness, will do more than 92 percent power efficiency, while using high transmittance acrylic material light diffusion plate entire lighting efficiency reach 100LM / W or more.
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