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Why do people choose Acrylic prismatic sheet?

Oct. 31, 2017

Acrylic prismatic sheet is widely used in various industries, such as the  lighting industry: fluorescent lamps, chandeliers, lampshades Street; the  construction industry: windows, soundproof windows; ceramic industry: basin,  bathtub,toilet. It has occupied 70 % of the whole international market, which is  another new favorite of modern society. The reason is:

1. Good toughness, not damaged ;

2. Fix strong, sanitary can be wided new with a soft foam dipped in  toothpaste;

3. soft texture, there is no sense of biting cold of winter ;

4. colorful, can meet the different tastes of individual pursuit .

Besides, Acrylic prismatic sheet is not only beautiful, durable, but has  environmental effects. The extent of radiation line with the body's own bone' is  almost the same.

Therefore, Acrylic prismatic sheet is wonderful material, If you have any  questions of Acrylic prismatic sheet, pls feel free to contact us. Now we would  like to cooperate with you to develop the huge potential market for the unique  light panel sheet.

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