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Acrylic sheet characteristics

Oct. 17, 2017

Let us introduce you the acrylic mirror sheet:

1 excellent transparency

Colorless, transparent plexiglass sheet, light transmission rate over 92%

2 excellent weather resistance

Adaptable to the natural environment, even a long time in sunlight, wind and  rain will not change its properties, good anti-aging properties, but also safe  for use outdoors

3 good processing properties

Suitable for mechanical processing and easily thermoforming plastic, acrylic sheet can be  dyed, the surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating

4 excellent performance

Acrylic sheet variety, rich colors, and has a very excellent performance,  providing designers with a variety of options, acrylic sheet can be dyed, the  surface can be painted, screen printing or vacuum coating

5. Non-toxic

Even long-term contact with people are harmless, when burned, and does not  produce poisonous gas.

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