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The Process of Acrylic sheet

Oct. 17, 2017

In the process of processing acrylic textured sheet, always meet some problems, Let me  introduce:

1, Recycled materials is higher than the new plate material soluble in  organic solvents, paint filled engraving after causing cracks often appear  silver crack, generally there are three ways to solve : A. selection of acrylic  paint (resin), general store to buy art shopping. B. selected amino paint,  general buy from chemical shop. C. after paint,polishing paint.

2, For the surface tension, some minor scratches or less obvious injury  treatment, commonly used sandpaper wet sanding, the grinding sandpaper to  circular movement, the fineness of sand paper should be gradually increased to  more than 600 mesh, and finally use toothpaste can be ok.

3, Acrylic mirror sheet with electrostatic easy adherent dust, before fill in screen  printing or paint with suede or stained with 1% suds soft cloth to wipe clean,  in order to achieve clean effect.

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