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Types of PMMA diffuser

Oct. 16, 2017

According the optical principle,PMMA diffuser were divided into two categories, one is the beam angle will become larger, one is to maintain the original angle.
PMMA diffuser can be divided into Gas PMMA diffuser, the sound PMMA diffuser, the liquid PMMA diffuser,light PMMA diffuser, smell PMMA diffuser,light PMMA diffuser, where the material is capable of uniformly dispersing the molecules,which collectively referred to as the PMMA diffuser.
Gas PMMA diffuser: generally used to reduce the sound generated by the air flow.
Sound PMMA diffuser: generally used to eliminate the sound barrier by a hard object and echo.
Fluid PMMA diffuser: Usually used to spray the liquid into smaller molecules or uniformly distributed out.
The scent PMMA diffuser: generally used to eliminate or reduce the dispersion taste it.
Light PMMA diffuser: Generally used to prevent glare so get a comfortable visual environment.

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