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Acrylic Prismatic Sheet

Acrylic Prismatic Sheet

    Acrylic prismatic sheet, or called Acrylic prismatic panel is of kind of textured acrylic, looked like diamond shape, is a quality extruded lens that provides very good low brightness control with excellent light output. It utilizes a diagonally oriented prism pattern, features a 5*5mm square base female conical prism placed on a 45° axis, that are optically designed to provide excellent light control, meanwhile resulting in a high level of visual comfort. 

    Prism pattern(mm)5*5mm 
    Prism height(mm)1.9mm(T=2.5mm) 

    Remark: The diamond shaped patterned sheet is a brand new design, more brightness, more precious, can reduce the glare effectively

    Prismatic texture Details:

    ItemTest  MethodUnitValue
    Light TransmissionASTM  D1003-90%
    Water AbsorptionASTM D570-98%0.01
    Vicat Softening TempASTM D1525-09104.0
    Heat Distortion TempASTM D648-0788.4
    Coefficient of Thermal ExpansionASTMD696In/IN-F0.000033
    Rockwell hardnessASTM D785-08-M-95
    FlammabilityUL 94-1996-HB

    The Example of  Applicaiton For Prismatic sheet:

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