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Types of Acrylic Sheets

Dec. 14, 2021

Acrylic -- also known as Plexiglas -- is known in the plastics world for its dazzling glossiness and superior scratch and impact resistance. It even boasts greater load-bearing capacity than polycarbonate, one of the toughest materials available. What you may not know is that this particular plastic comes in a variety of models designed to meet the specific needs of demanding homeowners and remodelers. If you have a specialized project in mind and are looking for the perfect material to complete your design, read on to discover the various acrylic plastics that will help bring your design to life.

Types of Acrylic Sheets


Mirror Acrylic Sheets

A triumph of form and function, acrylic mirror sheets offer all the strength and durability of acrylic while also acting as a reflective resistant surface, perfect for a variety of services and high stress environments. These sheets can even be ordered in different colors - 14 of them, to be exact.


Clear acrylic sheets

The most common form of acrylic, the flexibility of clear sheets is primarily reflected in the wide variety of sizes that can be ordered. Thicknesses range from 4 inches to 1/25 inch; widths from three feet to ten feet; and lengths from four feet to twelve and a half feet. Regardless of the details of your design, there is almost certainly a certain size of clear acrylic sheet that will meet these needs.


White acrylic sheet

Fairly common in its own right, white acrylic sheet is perfect for when you have unusual sizes to meet and prefer to use opaque materials to achieve them. What's more, acrylic technology has evolved to such an extent that you can now even purchase sheets that start out black but turn white under LED lighting. The ephemeral nature of this remarkable material makes it ideal for photosensitive acrylic applications such as outdoor signage and advertising.


Colored Acrylic Sheets

Those looking for something a little more colorful will appreciate the wide selection of colored acrylic sheets that can be ordered. Available in 20 different shades, these acrylic varieties are both sturdy and eye-catching, and will meet your needs for completing projects that require both beauty and durability. If you're looking for something that really pops, check out fluorescent acrylic sheets for clear colored sheets whose edges actually glow in the light.


Anti-static Acrylic Sheets

While acrylic sheet can provide excellent protection for a variety of electronic components, some manufacturers are concerned that it may carry static discharges that can damage these components. These concerns are made a thing of the past with antistatic acrylic sheet, a special material with a clear coating that prevents the formation of static electricity. As an added benefit, the permanent nature of the coating means you don't have to worry about its effectiveness being weakened by humidity (as you would with a temporary coating).

Abrasion-resistant acrylic sheets

However, static electricity is not the only danger facing acrylic sheets. While the material already possesses excellent abrasion resistance, this double-sided coating variety takes that abrasion resistance to a new level by providing unparalleled scratch and scuff resistance. Ideal for public spaces, the abrasion-resistant acrylic even provides superior protection against exposure to abrasive and damaging chemicals.


Light Diffusing Acrylic

This film's excellent light diffusion prevents visible hot spots and brightness fluctuations, making it perfect for a variety of backlit signs and letters. See for yourself the difference between basic acrylic and light diffusing acrylic. Not only does this material produce better-looking signs - it can also help homeowners save money by requiring fewer light sources and channel materials.


Anti-glare acrylic sheets

Maybe you're looking for a material that doesn't require complete blackout - maybe you just want to reduce glare on products or valuables in your display case. If this is the case, you'll appreciate how special matte finish anti-glare acrylic panels provide excellent protection for your items while still allowing you a clear view of whatever you're displaying or selling.


Solar tinted acrylic

Are you looking for a material that will protect your valuables from fading under strong UV rays? Maybe you simply want to reduce energy costs by managing the temperature inside your business or facility. Either way, solar-tinted acrylic panels offer unparalleled protection from the sun, even without any additional film - meaning you never have to worry about peeling or blistering surfaces.


Impact-modified acrylics

Impact resistance is one area in which basic acrylics fall slightly short - although it is 17 times stronger than glass in this area, it is not as resistant as polycarbonate or certain other plastics. Modified acrylic helps close this gap because it is a material with similar impact resistance to polycarbonate, while still offering excellent economy, weatherability and optical clarity.


Lucite Block Acrylic Sheets

A necessity for complex lighting projects, this special sheet allows LED lamps to be embedded directly into the material to produce a uniformly diffused halo of light. In addition, the block acrylic sheet is able to maintain a constant transmission of color regardless of the light source for indoor and outdoor applications.


Acrylic's durability and aesthetic properties allow it to be used in place of glass in many different applications. For example, textured acrylic panels have proven very popular as a material for partitions, cabinet doors and patio tables - any environment where the material must provide strength, privacy and excellent light transmission.

We hope this guide will help you discover the type of acrylic you need to execute your next project, down to the smallest detail. If you still have questions about an acrylic that will best meet your needs, please feel free to get in touch with one of our friendly and helpful customer service partners.

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