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The Important Components Of LED Lamps

Jul. 24, 2018

In the process of development of LED energy-saving lighting, some problems of LED lamps are often plagued by China Acrylic Sheet Supplier. LED lighting fixtures require high transmittance as a prerequisite, and also require high-quality light diffusivity and good. The light source to solve, to improve the effect of LED lamps is to turn the LED dazzling light source into a soft, healthy light source is the main direction that researchers are currently studying.

The PMMA Diffuser Sheet mainly breaks through the luminous flux and distributes the light evenly. The main principle is that it penetrates through other media to cause scattering. The diffusion plate has a unique advantage that there are three physical phenomena. Due to the surface frosting treatment of the diffuser, the visual effect is high-grade, beautiful, wear-resistant, scratch-resistant, stable, UV-resistant, weather-resistant, and can be used for a long time under 80 degrees Celsius, so it is popular among the public.

The light guide plate is an acrylic material in the optical material, which is a high-factor material with extremely high reflectivity and no light absorption. The light emitted from the acrylic plate of the optical grade is taken on the surface of the optical grade plate. When the light is reflected to the point of each light guide, the reflected light will diffuse in all directions, and then the reflection condition is destroyed. After the multi-layer reflection, various dense and uniform shapes are formed, and then The LED light guide plate can emit uniform light, and the reflective sheet is mainly used for placing the bottom surface to improve the efficiency of light use.

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

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