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The Application of Acrylic Sheet in LED

Oct. 28, 2020

The use of LED lighting, with its high-quality light, rich colors and green pollution-free characteristics, expands the connotation and extension of the traditional light environment in the entertainment space, which is a change in light and shadow the evolution is dreamlike and colorful. The acrylic sheet can do that.

The LED light source is small in size, which is conducive to hiding, and the combination method is flexible and flexible. It can be used in combination with acrylic sheet, mirror material, cloth material or stainless steel material to create an artistic effect of seeing the light but not the light and combining various decorative materials at the same time , To show the texture and texture characteristics of the lighting medium. Therefore, different materials and lighting combinations can be selected according to different themes to express various lighting effects required by functional requirements.

1. Combination of LED light and translucent material (clear acrylic sheet)

The light acts on the entertainment space through some translucent materials to create a subtle light atmosphere. Different light transmittance and different textures and mechanisms will have different effects on the light.

The combination of LED lights and acrylic panels is embedded in the facade of the interior decoration. It is not only a lighting tool, but also integrated with the overall interior decoration. Commonly used translucent materials in entertainment spaces include acrylic panels, frosted glass and cloth materials. Acrylic board has a uniform and smooth texture, a certain gloss and a sense of fashion. It can be used in combination with LED lights to create different lights. LED lights have this feature of flexible combination. Acrylic sheets can also be freely determined in shape and thickness according to the needs of the designer to change the shape and light transmission intensity of the light.

Clear Acrylic Sheet

Clear Acrylic Sheet

2. LED lamp and mirror material combination (acrylic mirror sheet)

In the entertainment space, the reflection effect of mirror materials can be used to create a mysterious, fashionable and bizarre visual effect. Commonly used mirror materials in entertainment spaces include mirror marble and mirror stainless steel, etc. The material itself has its own unique color and texture, and at the same time has a high reflectivity, which can create layers of layers, different distances and heights. .

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

Acrylic Mirror Sheet

3. Combination of LED lights and other lights

In the entertainment space, LED lights can be used as decorative lighting, such as incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, laser lights, etc., to jointly create the atmosphere of the entertainment space. In the entertainment space, the coordination of LED lighting and other lighting methods must meet two requirements: one is functionality, and the other is artistry.

From a functional point of view, the illuminance of LED lights as a lighting source in entertainment spaces is relatively low, and it needs to be appropriately matched with incandescent or fluorescent lamps to meet the illuminance requirements. In areas with different functions in the entertainment space, the contrast needs are different. In service-oriented places, large illumination is required to facilitate the activities of customers, such as the front desk, merchandise display, VIP box service space, and toilets.

4. The light color effect of LED lights

LED lighting has the unique charm of rich colors and changeable light colors, which is difficult to compare with other light sources. In the entertainment space, the lighting is required to have colorful colors to highlight the unique space characteristics

quality. At the same time, LED lighting can be adjusted and controlled to change rich colors or shapes, which can give the indoor space a variety of visual perception.

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