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Why we Require Diffuser Sheet?

May. 15, 2020

As a Lighting Diffuser Factory, share with you.

A Light Diffuser spreads the collimated light from the source to transfer a soft as well as sober light. While the development of LEDs has actually produced outstanding energy effectiveness as well as remarkable light controls, the point resources present in the LED chip boards pose a difficulty for basic illuminations in the form of glare. So, the LED light fixtures make use of specifically developed covers that are maximized to provide light diffusion buildings. In addition, these covers satisfy of shielding the source of light as well. While a lot of LED light diffusers offer the same purpose, they differ in the key materials that they are constructed from. As well as, this is where their top quality comes into the picture.

PMMA Diffuser Sheet

Which one is much better?

The illumination sector has long been dependant on glass and also transparent plastics like acrylic resins for optics style to offer both useful and also aesthetic purposes. However, with the advent of LED illumination innovation, the need for a greater level of light diffusion has actually needed the development of appropriate plastic services that do a better work.

The most frequently found diffusers in the marketplace are made of PMMA- Poly( methyl methacrylate), PS - Polystyrene, PC- Polycarbonate and also PP- Polypropylene. Light makers rate the top priorities of the residential or commercial properties of these products to make the most effective choice.

PMMA/ Polymer Light Guide Plate


It has a high warm tolerance as well as solid resistance to UV light, making them yellow-proof.

With a light transmittance price of 92%, it enables even more light to pass through while needing less power, leading to greater lumens per watt for the fixtures that use it.

Given that lights with PMMA diffusers use much less power to achieve greater efficacy, the LED chips don't obtain overworked.


Its impact resistance is worse than PC however much higher than PS diffusers.

PMMA is a slightly pricey material in comparison to PS, which increases the expense of the component.

Finally, PMMA Diffuser Sheet supply piece de resistance. Using PMMA as the material for the light guide plate in a level panel ceiling light implies a premium luminaire that is made to be trouble-free. Its high expense is evened-up by its sturdiness as well as efficacy.

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