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JK-PS UGR Diffuser here Online

Nov. 01, 2017

The surface texture of PS ugr diffuser with hexagonal structure,cone bottom,takes on homogeneous look due to unidirectional structure;

Scientific designed microstructure, well defined light range with eliminating the glare, and enhance the effective center of the light, to improve efficiency of light fixtures while suppressing reasonable lighting brightness;

Reduce UGR value, up to indoor glare standards, such as ANSI / IESNA RP-1-04 and EN12464 office, Homogeneous glare reduction in all C-levels,excellent  for workstations required lighting application UGR<19,for example LED Panel light.

Ps ugr diffuser transmission rate is 88%. How to use the ugr diffuser?

In conjunction with diffusion film and light guide plate, Prism Cone diffuser positioned in outer layer with the texture facing away from the led or lamp;diffusion film located in the middle layer with the microstructure facing away from the led or lamp also; the light guide plate placed on the bottom layer with the texture side placed contrary to prisma cone and diffusion film.

The texture side face towards the observer for prism cone diffuser, the texture side face away light guide plate for diffuser film.

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