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Dialysis of the Production Principle of Light Diffusing Plate

Jul. 13, 2019

The light diffuser may be somewhat unfamiliar to some outsiders, but it has been widely used in many fields like LED diffusers, PS diffusers, etc., then the following China Acrylic Sheet Factory will be light diffuser Conduct a simple analysis.

Today, we mainly analyze the production principle of light diffusing plates. When we understand its production principle, it can be applied more conveniently.

Led Diffuser Plate

Then the light diffusing plate is mainly processed by some process means, and the principle of utilization is mainly: when the light encounters an object whose density is not equal during the irradiation process, it will form reflection or refraction, etc. Light diffusing plates, Led Diffuser Plate, etc. use this principle, and then through some basic plates, such as: PP, PS, etc., because the light can reflect or refract the range is small, so we can add on the surface of the plate Some diffusing agents can be viewed from multiple angles and more comprehensively.

Of course, we can also use its principle to achieve artificially change the light emission path, which can satisfy our more effects.

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