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PMMA Diffuser Features and Technical Indicators

Jul. 31, 2019

China Mirror Acrylic Sheet Factory will give you an introduction to the characteristics and technical specifications of the PMMA diffuser.

1. Features

High brightness: At the same penetration rate, brightness can be improved compared to conventional diffusers.

Excellent shielding effect: the light source has good diffusion and homogenization ability, and the effect of shielding the lamp is excellent.

High dimensional stability: low water absorption warpage and excellent dimensional stability.

Excellent durability: It is not easy to have yellowing in the accelerated test of ultraviolet aging.

Excellent quality assurance: All series of products have passed the UL-94 and RoHS banned poison test.

PMMA Acrylic Sheet

2. Technical indicators

Specific gravity: ASTMD792 ---- 1.2

Simply supported beam impact strength: ASTMD256 KL/m2 ≥16

Elongation at break: ASTM D638 % ≥ 2

Tensile yield stress: ASTMD638 MPa ≥66

Heat distortion temperature: GB1634 °C ≥85

Longitudinal shrinkage: WZ-YF-JYQB-025 % ≤5

Transverse stretch ratio: WZ-YF-JYQB-025 % ≤3

Water absorption rate: GB1638 % ≤0.3%

Light transmittance: haze test instrument: 60%-90% (range adjustable)

Haze (Reference): Glow test equipment: 88%-98% (range adjustable)

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