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PC Reflective Film for Reflective cover

Aug. 04, 2021

PC Reflective Film for Reflective cover

Nanometer Grade reflective film is of PC Film, takes on one side matte, another side brightening surface, is of top NM refelctive material with 98% reflectivity, can asstit the lighting manufacturer to resolve the problem of glaring and uneven brightness, meanwhile base on the microstructure surface, enhancing the ability of reflecting and diffusing, can lift illuminance to 20%-30%  withou extra light source in some constructure design and application  of lighting fixture.


1, Outstanding opticl reflectivity with 98%;

2, light weight、good impact resistance of falling down、high temperature resistance( keep their shape in 120 degree temperature);

3, Can be formed into PC Reflective Cover by cutting、punching、bending、heating and so on;

4, Confrim to the combustion standard of UL94 V-2

PC Reflective Film for Reflective cover


NM reflective film can be fabricated into various reflective cover, used for LED panel light、back light unit and thermoformed reflecting products;Base on the excellent characters, can maitain good stability of reflective under litht source with various wavelength,is an ideal choice for special requirement of light source.

What's more, it also can be used for indoor and outdoor light source 、light box advertisement, can help to achieve the good brightness and illumination through the reducing of  the numbers of light source, attaining the ecnomical electricity expenditure and energy conservation.

PC Reflective Film for Reflective cover

PC Reflective Film for Reflective cover

Product Specifications:

Modelstandard lengthwidth (mm)Net Weight (kg)

PC Reflective Film for Reflective cover

Performance Data:

PerformanceTest MethodsunitMagnitude
Melting indexISO 1133cm3/10min8

Water AbsorptionISO62%0.2
Tensile modulusISO 527-1MPa2400
Tensil strength at yieldAndMPa61
Tensile strength elongationISO 527-2%6
Norminal elongation at tensile fracture
Bending ModulusISO 178MAa2350
Bending StrengthISO 178MAa93
Izod notched impacted strengthISO 179KJ/㎡76
Heat deflection temperatureISO 75-1129
Vicard softening tempertureISO 306149
Molding shrinkageCustomized method%0.5~0.7
Coefficient of linear expansionISO 11359-2×10-4 /℃0.7
Dielectric constantIEC 60250-3.1

Dielectric loss tangentIEC 60250×10-410

Volume ResistivityIEC 60093Ω.m>1×1013
Surface ResistivityIEC 60093Ω>1×1015
Voltage withstandIEC 60243-1MV/m30
ARC ResistanceIEC 60112-250
Flame RetardanceUL 94-V-2(0.4mm)


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