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Mico linear Textured LGP

Aug. 05, 2021

Mico linear Textured LGP

Micro Linear Textured LGP is a transparent acrylic sheet made from pure PMMA resin, it looks like one side optical grating pattern, another side smooth, The light source is installed on its edge(s)(Grating towards). It distributes the light coming from the light source evenly over the whole inner and upper face of the acrylic panel. It is a key component to maximize the uniformity of light, to ensure the high light transmittance.

PMMA Acrylic Sheet Specification:

PattemOptical Grating pattern

PMMA Acrylic Sheet Application:

Suitable for Advertisement signs and lighting fixtures.

PMMA Acrylic Sheet Performance Testing:

Mico linear Textured LGP

Mico linear Textured LGP

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