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Several Structures Characteristic Of LED Panel Light

Mar. 20, 2019

What is LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet's structure mainly consist of? And what are the characteristics of these structures?

The cover is mainly used to seal the lamp body, that is made of aluminum material, visually watching the total feel is powerful due to aluminum material. It's also great for heat dissipation.

LED Panel Light Diffuser Sheet

How to choose aluminum frame is mainly based on customer choice for design and use of the product. One type is the aluminum extruding die for forming the aluminum framework, this framework works well on the surface, heat dissipation is quite good; the other one is the high pressure molding aluminum framework, this framework of IP protection class has guarantee, sealing the optical effect is also good. Two options are all available for customers to meet their different needs.

China Led Diffuser Plate Supplier use different chips like SMD2835, SMD4014,  SMD 3528, which are according to customers requirements.

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