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How to Bond Acrylic Products?

Jan. 02, 2018

Acrylic products, acrylic adhesive bonding process is a very crucial part of the process of bonding is mainly affected by two aspects, one is the applicability of the adhesive itself; the second is the bonding skills.

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There are two main types of adhesives, one is two-component, such as all-purpose adhesive, epoxy resin; there is a one-component, such as CHCl3 (chloroform). In general, a two-component adhesive is cured by a curing reaction, and a one-component adhesive is a solvent that eventually evaporates to bond. How to choose the right adhesive, improve the quality and grade of plexiglass products, bonding process must be the first to solve a big problem.

In addition, the bonding technique is also very important, the following several of our common bonding process:1, Butt 2, Facade bonding 3, Bevel bonding 4, Plane bonding

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