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How to Make a Light Diffuser?

Jul. 09, 2020

As a PMMA Diffuser Sheet Factory, share with you the method of DIY light diffuser.

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DIY diffusers are ideal for filmmakers without the budget of a fancy studio diffuser or polycarbonate slab.

Use frosted shower curtains. DIY movie producers can use frosted shower curtains to create soft lighting effects in the scene, saving money. Just install the frosted shower curtain on the C bracket (a multi-purpose bracket for installing diffusers, lights, shotgun microphones and cameras), and then place the bracket a few feet in front of the light source to create a soft lighting effect. The closer the light source is to the subject, the softer the light. You can clip an extra shower curtain on the C-shaped bracket to create a softer light on the subject.

Use sheets. Translucent white paper can make an excellent DIY diffuser. The transparency of the paper depends on your light source and how much light needs to be scattered. The less light you need to diffuse, the more transparent the paper should be. Place the bed sheet on the C-shaped bracket a few feet away from the light source. Sheets are flammable and should be used with LED lighting that generates very little heat to avoid dangerous situations. If you use non-LED lights on site, place the bed sheet on a C-type bracket at a safe distance from the light source and take fire protection measures.

Use pillowcases. White pillowcases can also be used as light diffusers. The fabric is usually thin enough to allow some light to pass through while keeping the light soft and natural. A white T-shirt can also come in handy (different color T-shirts can help regulate the light temperature). Like bed sheets, these fabrics should be used with non-LED lighting to ensure fire protection. If non-LED lighting is the only option, place the pillowcase on a C-bracket at a safe distance from the light source.

Use parchment paper. You can use printer paper (or even thin paper) to create your own DIY softbox diffuser, but parchment paper is a better choice because it is heat-resistant and opaque enough to do the job. Parchment can be placed directly on the lamp without the risk of fire, which is safer than other flammable types of paper.

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